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At the end of basic training every IDF combat recruit has one final hurdle to prove their commitment and battle-worthiness – the Masa Kumta. Depending on the unit the distance can be as great as 92 kilometers in full battle gear along with their unit supplies. This trek culminates in a ceremony where the recruit is presented with their units unique coloured beret.​

This October twenty-four dedicated Torontonians are covering the cost of this experience and heading to Israel to ‘feel' what it’s like to be a soldier in the coveted IDF. Over 4 days and 4 nights these men will train as combatants, be treated as soldiers, live in tents, eat rations and be subjected to this final test before entering into combat service.

We are doing this to support Israel’s premier wounded warrior program Brothers for Life and Beth Sholom Synagogue's  Out of the Cold Homeless Project. Wounded combat veterans are in desperate need of support for rehabilitation, treatment and scholarships to return to civilian life. They stand to protect the homeland of the Jewish people and we must help them.


Toronto's homeless epidemic is sadly well known and Beth Sholom Synagogue has been on the front line caring, feeding and housing them.

We are asking for your support so we can support these 2 noble and important causes.

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